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Dry Cleaning Service South City

Dry Cleaning Service South City Gurgaon

DLX Laundry provides “Dry cleaning service in South City, Gurgaon” with ease of Free Pickup and Delivery to both the part South City 1 and South City 2. DLX Laundry has the most competitive price list for entire dry cleaning sections. People always have one question in mind as what a Drycleaning process is? So just to give you a simple understanding- Drycleaning is a process of cleaning the clothes without using water. Under this process the cleaning fluid / safe chemicals made for cloth cleaning is used and all garments based on their types are cleaned in a liquid solvent. Dry cleaning removes stain also as chemical used for removing stains doesn’t affect quality of garments. Apart of Drycleaning we have Laundry Service, Ironing Service and Wash & Fold service also.
"The longer a stain goes untreated, the more likely it becomes oxidized and sets into the fabric”


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